Sometimes I think that the scenery of the traveling destination is memoriz...

Sometimes I think that the scenery of the traveling destination is memorized and that the number enrichs my mind. The most impressive scenery can not be chosen. Each has memories, but the other day I was able to see the scenery that remained in such a heart. Since I was a student, I loved the sculpture of Isamu Noguchi. The choreography casually took place at the museum where I came alone by myself, because I saw his solo exhibition. When I was a child I saw a sculpture by Edgar Degas known as an Impressionist painter at a small museum in the neighborhood. Until then I loved his style of painting ""Odoriko"", but although his sculpted horse was palm-sized, it seemed like a runaway dynamism. I was surprised. And the image that sculpture is realistic has also become firmly established. The sculpture of Isamu Noguchi that I saw at that time seems to cut out the space. It is not graphic. It is such a monument that you can see the flow of time through sculpture. The image for my sculpture expanded at a stretch. I have traveled alone to Moerenuma Park in Sapporo, which is regarded as one of Isamu Noguchi's ""last work"". It is a park where he was engaged in design, sometimes referred to as ""the man who carved the earth"". Although he himself died without looking at the completion of the park, I thought his feeling is still alive in the hearts of everyone who maintains the park. The park, which was originally a garbage collection site, consists mainly of ten facilities. Slightly misunderstandings may arise if we say 10 facilities. One of them ""Mount Moere"" is an artificial mountain. You can overlook the outskirts of Sapporo by climbing a gentle winding promenade. I stopped many times and looked back until I climbed. I was not tired from walking. The scenery which makes you feel relaxed expands each time you look back. It is a plain where the clover is in full bloom or it is another facility that seems to be smaller and smaller, but whatever the point it is, I want to leave this scenery in mind, the view that you think seems to spread. I shut the camera shutter many times over and over. When I began climbing Mt. Moere, the heavy gray sky became thinner soon, and the light blue sky was visible from places. I used the stairs down the mountain Moere, but the sky became bright every time I step down, and when I notice it, the white clouds float in the blue sky. And, as if waiting for the blue sky, I saw the management staff who take care of the flowers and lawn in various places in the park. It may be Isamunoguchi that designed a scenery that allows you to enjoy the scenery that remains in the mind, even the flow of time, no matter what color the sky is. However, I saw the management staff who spared no effort to maintain the scenery, and I also felt a different feeling. I think that the trees are also blocked and where they are going to be planted on a detailed calculation. And the position of the boardwalk would have been ""sculpting the earth"" with various imaginations, as to where and how people looking back and looking up at the sky. But as you probably understood Isamu Noguchi himself, the grove will grow anyway, and people will not stay in the same place any more. Nonetheless, Moere-san Park, which creates ""a scene that remains in my heart regardless of where I see it"", is said to be loved by many people now that there are people who connect the thoughts of Isamu Noguchi in mind. To Sapporo, I walked in the park and walked, I can not say ""as many times as a day trip"". And when the days sloped, I was able to see the ""Fountain of the Sea"" program at the pond ""Sea Fountain"" in the park. As the blue sky became to spread all the way, people living in the neighborhood of the park jogging or walking the dogs, the water springs up, flowing, as it is going to return, it gets quiet I will go. Time keeps flowing, and you can never stop it. Every moment is not the same as the previous moment. But I want to cherish a moment for this moment. A month or more is about to pass since I visited the first Moerenuma Park, but that mentality still remains in my mind, with the countless scenery of the park.

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